The golden rules for using animal print in the office

Remember when wearing leopard, viper or tiger print clothes was in bad taste? Those times were left behind because for several years designers, brands, celebrities and street style queens have taught us that animal print can be a super chic print. And this season they arrive to seize your closet … even in the office!

Of course, like all excesses, abuse of this exotic pattern can have lethal consequences on your image, but if you follow these rules, you can look sophisticated and you will see that it is a very appropriate option to take to the office.

1. The neutral tones are the best friends of the animal print (black, camel, white and gray).

2. A dark monochromatic look is enhanced if you use a leopard or other exotic accessory (bag, belt, scarf).

3. If the garment protagonist of your outfit is animal print (a dress or pants), try that the rest of your accessories are a sober tone.

4. As an exception to the previous rule, you can add a touch of striking color to your accessories, as long as your clothes are of a classic cut (like a trench coat or a straight silhouette dress).

5. If you opt for a dress in animal print, try that the cut of this one is loose or vaporous to look more ladylike.

6. It is worth wearing a fitted cut of garments with animal print, as long as they are not too low or one or two sizes smaller than your actual size.

7. Use animal print with classic office garments: trench coat, pointy pumps or tote bag.

8. The skirts with this print look extremely chic with sober complements in dark tones.

9. A total black look with skinny jeans and flats looks great with an animal print coat (and it’s perfect to be chic even on a casual Friday).

10. The most important rule: Do not use more than one garment of animal print in your outfit. If it’s accessories, two can still work. But more than three pieces with this type of print look exaggerated, especially for the office.

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