How does the most popular costume in the story tell the story of Queen Anne?

Sandy Powell is no stranger to royalty. After all, fashion designers – who have won Oscars and 11 nominations three times – have participated in films, including young Victoria, other Bolin girls and Cinderella, not to mention untitled movies like Carol and The Wolf of Wall. . street.

This winter, she was responsible for the two most shocking photos in the film: The Favorite, director Yorgos Lanthimos, describing the dark love of Queen Mary and Mary Poppins Returns. Here, Powell explains how to dress up for the 18th century England court, and why Queen Anne’s favorite costume may not be what you think.

A movie like this – a gorgeous period with an evil sense of humor – must be the dream of a fashion designer. How did you get involved?
I am already a fan of Yorgos Lantimos, back to [actions like Dogtooth and The Lobster]. After the lobster came out, I was chatting with people I knew who had worked with the film. He told me that Yorgos was planning to make a movie about Queen Anne. That sounds absolutely my street, so my friend made an introduction. This is how many years we filmed this movie, but I met Yorgos and expressed my interest, he took me to participate. I am chasing this job because I really want to know what the director like Yorgos will do during this time.

Was that time exciting for you?
This special time is very interesting because it is really not done in the movie. This is the beginning of the 18th century, I can’t think of anything similar. Usually the film of the British monarchy has some form of appearance, which is very accurate in history, but I know that he will have a new view on it, so I will play movies anyway.

For Emma’s character, it is more direct. She used to be a former woman who fell into a servant during difficult times. The first thing we saw her was good, but it is very old now. Then she wore a denim outfit, a denim outfit, and I made it from recycled jeans bought in a thrift store – when she entered the Queen’s emotions in her way, she became a waiting lady and started wearing black, which is the court’s colour. At the end of the movie, when she walked over to her station and really thought she had succeeded, I wanted to exaggerate the appearance of that rather vulgar new style.

She always plays her role for Rachel’s role. She is the one who has been in control for a long time, so it can be daunting. I hesitate to use the world of men, but I like her to be a liberating woman, just like all the liberated women in history, she can wear men’s clothing, and the way in Catherine Hepburn looks great. She needs to look strong and confident.

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