Review Halloweekend(s) 2018: Differences between men’s and women’s costumes

Since the Celtic’s Halloween origins are mostly lost in the United States, we don’t know what the purpose of this holiday is. Our most popular and prestigious holidays usually revolve around a common feeling or value, such as love, gratitude or community. Even if their traditions have changed, Halloween is likely to be the biggest change since the American movement. Instead, it becomes very focused on image, fun and fear. This attention to images is also related to the ability to be another person, thing or night. This commitment to another role or identity forces some degree of self-reduction and relies on or expresses different generalizations and stereotypes. This reduction may be that Halloween is a reflection of our gender role perspectives and differences between different groups.

The three most popular Halloween costume sites have clear patterns and distinctions between men’s and women’s clothing. Halloweencostumes.com has a specific section on its website called “Sexy Costumes” under “Adults.” In this section, there are 57 types of clothing for men and 772 types for women. Spirithalloween.com has a section called “Sexy” in the women’s apparel section, with 106 outfits, but there is no “sexy” part in men’s clothing. Interestingly, the only time in the men’s part of the use of sexy word belongs to the “men’s Halloween costume creative 2018” category of “men’s professional clothing”.

The results of these studies show that only professional clothing can achieve the “sexy” appearance of men. The descriptor “hot” was used twice, and the descriptor “handsome” was also used twice, for the 575 different costumes available in the “All Men’s Apparel” section. Clothing super center. Com has a separate part from men’s and women’s clothing, called “sexy.” However, it only includes women’s clothing, which is evident in the information section, where “Ms.” is used by prospective consumers. In the section titled “Men’s Clothing,” the word sexy is not used as a descriptor and is not “hot.” The term “handsome” has been used to describe a cut-off police costume.

The trend I have noticed while studying these sites is that clothing classified or described by physical descriptors related to attraction is dominated by women and faces women. Although sometimes men’s clothing is associated with physical appeal through wording, such as being included in the “sexy” part of the site or described as “handsome”, “hot” or “sexy”, these moments are rare and the ratio is not The doubts are not balanced. Most garments that cater to men clearly do not have the same performance as women.

These trends suggest how women are seen and the power and value of women. The word “sexy” has a lot to do with the response of others. This is a deep-rooted reaction.

On the day we can be anything we want, women are still encouraged to wear the most attractive way to the body before they can be specific. Or, in terms of their particularity, it is still encouraged to be a “sexy” version. The message now seems to be: “You can do whatever you want, just make sure it’s still sexy!”

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