M. Bison Classic costumes comes to the street fighter 5 through the battle opportunity: arcade version

Capcom has just revealed a new classic for Street Fighter 5: Arcade. This time, the street fighter 2 Baddie M. Bison got his traditional look.

Those who wish to unlock this outfit can unlock it through the game’s combat chance mode. The garment will be available on November 27.

The battle opportunity is the trophy box system of Street Fighter 5. Players can use their Fight Money in the game to purchase tickets that unlock random items – the best quality items are alternative colors and clothing.

Players can purchase a ticket (item) in a battle opportunity to get 500 battle coins or 10 for 4,500 FM. The release of clothing depends on the luck of the draw, so some people may encounter M. Bison’s classic outfits earlier than others.

All four Shadaloo bosses will now have their classic look in Street Fighter 5. Balrog’s can be obtained through his Nostalgia costume (which you can buy from the game), while Vega and Sagat classics can be unlocked for a limited time. Through the opportunity to fight.

In addition to the new bison clothing, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will also add brand new holiday clothing and quality Resident Evil theme clothing. With these, Cammy became Jill, Urien became Wesker, and Kolin became Ada. As for holiday clothing, Blanka, Cody, Falke and Sakura will each receive a new festive atmosphere.

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