Shazam’s director talks about the tricky nature of superhero costume design

Careful fans may have noticed Shazam’s suit, and you know that Shazam has changed slightly between early images, trailers and newly released marketing materials. This is obviously how it develops.

Shazam’s director, David F. Sandberg, was asked by a recent Reddit fan about a recent picture: Why does the color change? Sandberg showed the level of usability that many directors could not see (honestly, to be honest) and pointed out the complexity of superhero costume design and Shazam’s clothing is still in progress.

He said:

Making a suit is hard. Just like drawing in the room, you can look at the small sample all day, but you won’t really see the effect until you’re done. Since I decided to change the fabric at a very late time and didn’t have time to test as much as possible, in some lights (especially daylight), the color of the finished suit didn’t look as I expected. I think we only need to adjust it in the post. Unfortunately, the first image released did not complete any post-production. This is correct because we put the trailer together. I think that since the photo appeared there, maybe we shouldn’t deviate too far in the trailer. It can be confusing.

This picture is closer to my goal, but it is still a work in progress and we will see our final result. No image (or trailer) also has a finished bolt effect (it won’t be an extreme effect or anything, but it’s more than just a simple glow).

Superhero suits are very important and sometimes the most controversial part of their films. Finding clothing that conveys the core aesthetics of the character will also be almost impossible to work in the real world of the movie. Look at all the arrangements of Spider-Man costumes in his live-action movie.

Sandberg offers a good insight into how this process works in the production of these films, just like everything else in the movie, it seems to be a matter of detail. Optimize, iterate and optimize until it’s done.

Shazam, the hero starring Zachary Levi, was released on April 5, 2019.

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