These DIY Flintstones costumes make you look like you are coming directly from Bedrock

Nostalgic Halloween costumes are often the most loved and memorable. Old-fashioned comics rank high in the nostalgic department. When I was a child, the modern primitives were my favorite. Fortunately, I have a little girl with beautiful hair that is perfect for the appearance of cobblestones. Of course, we don’t have red hair, but this does not prevent us from dressing up as a modern stone this year!

Check out these sly DIY Flintstones costumes this week to make your own Fred, Wilma and Pebbles Halloween costumes, or plan ahead for the next few years!

We are not from Bedrock, but because of the wool and some modeling clay, we look like a modern Stone Age family! Check out the slide below to learn how we make homemade Flintstones family outfits.

First, I need to make Wilma’s “stone” necklace and Pebbles’ small bones for her hair accessories.

I only need:

12 1.5-inch foam balls (found in the flower department of the craft store)
White air-dried modeling clay (similar or identical to porcelain clay)
2 bamboo skewers
At least 24 ropes or straps with embroidery needles

To make Wilma’s necklace, I covered each styrofoam ball with a thin layer of modeling clay that resembled two strips wrapped in baseball leather. I roll the clay until it becomes a smooth ball, has a skewer of bamboo rafts (6 balls in each string), and then let the clay dry for about an hour to harden it. After the clay is a bit hard, I remove each ball from the bamboo stick and use a flat object to press it at different points each ball gives it, you may expect different aspects on the rock. Then I pierced the ball again, carefully keeping it in its new shape and let it dry for 24 hours.

For the bones of Pebbles, I spread a small piece of clay into a strip to make sure that both ends are more bulky than the center. I shaped the end of the bone by hand, but with bamboo poles helped to form the depression of the bone. I smoothed the middle with my fingers and transitioned well to the end of the bone, letting it air dry for 24 hours. In the time of clothing, I used a small rubber band to stick it on my daughter’s style of ponytail.

For clothing, I mainly use cheap wool fabrics sold on JoAnn Fabrics, so I don’t have to worry about completing the hem of any garment. Wool is also very comfortable and warm, which is a reward for making pretty Halloween costumes! Here are the parts I purchased:

For Wilma’s dress: 1 1/2 yards white wool
Fred’s Top: 1 1/2 yards orange wool
For Fred’s tie: 1/4 yard turquoise cotton and 1/4 yard fusible interface
Diaper covers and tops for Pebble: 1/2 yards turquoise wool, 1/2 yards lime green wool and 1/2 yards elastic

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