“Game of Thrones”: Season 7’s clothing and production design defines Danny’s pursuit of power

In the seventh season of the penultimate “Game of Thrones”, Danielis’ absolute pursuit of power provided information for the production and fashion design of the perennial Emmy winners Deborah Riley and Michele Clapton. Highlights include the majestic Dragon Stone Throne Room Set and the striking winter coat, which symbolize Dani’s confidence and power.

“In the best shot, it’s important that Daenerys [Emilia Clark] cross this space for the first time, and the power of her family history is built into the structure of space,” three times Emmy winner Riley. Said. She was nominated for the production design in “Dragon Stone”.

Similarly, the style and tailoring of the Dany wardrobe made her look like a strong uniform, including wide shoulders. However, in the Emmy nominee “Beyond the Walls” episode, Kit Harington’s white coat worn when saving Kit Harington was a bit special.

“This is the first time I remember that Dany puts himself at risk and not necessarily for personal gain, so white is this sense of purity,” says fashion designer Clapton (three Emmy winners “games”). Power “and last year’s “crown” champion. “It’s very honest about it… she has fallen in love with Jon.”

When describing the dragon stone throne room they imagined, show hosts David Benioff and Dan Weiss emphasized a space of mandatory perspective and totalitarian aura. “The room must look like it is made of sturdy material, taking the lead from Zumaia (the landing point of the Spanish Danielis shot), but it also feels a certain majesty,” Riley said.

“The top triangle is a shape that becomes a very repeatable force symbol, making the space look like it is standing on its toes, in an uncomfortable fear of gravity,” she added. “There is nothing that can make people feel welcome to this space. It only talks about all the ambitions to focus on the throne.”

Given that Long Stone originated in a series of cave-like rooms, it was important for Riley that the Throne Room evolved from the cave. For example, the wall soared to the already established CG Castle. In addition, the sedimentary rock formations discovered in Zumaia help to tie the two spaces together.

“The central idea of this space needs to be attributed to the idea of carving the throne on the rock,” Riley said. “It’s not a piece of furniture that can be moved. Instead, the entire building must look like it’s built around it. What’s important is the power of Targaryan. The location feels like it was born to be born.”

Riley designed sharp shapes, dark tones, cool tones and hexagonal patterns as a tribute to Northern Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway (Series House). “It’s subtle, but the hexagon helps to anchor the space, especially on the large Targaryan imprint carved on the floor,” she said. “In the best shot, it’s important that Daenerys can cross this space for the first time, incorporating the power of her family history into the structure of space.”

At the same time, Clapton equated the visual importance of Dani White Coat with myth. She said: “I want to create a powerful image that falls like an angel to save these people from imminent death.”

Clapton is actually very easy to design a jacket because it has a clean outline but is difficult to make. “There was a lot of prototyping and collaboration between the clothing departments,” she added. “We create ‘fabrics’ by stitching lengths of leather, faux leather, short white faux fur and long thin faux fur.

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