“Crazy rich Asians” costume is so expensive, they have bodyguards

You will find that the costumes in “Crazy Rich Asians” opened today are crazy and expensive. There is no other way.

In fact, according to Page Six, they need bodyguards and they need bodyguards.

In the movie, Chinese-American professor Rachel Zhu (Constance Wu) and his boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding) went to his hometown of Singapore. She did not know that his family was “greater than God.”

Fashion designer Mary Vogt visited Kevin Kwan, the best-selling novelist based on the film. (Kwan spent his teenage years at Clear Lake.) To get inspiration, the two looked at photos of Kwan’s own “fashionable” family in the 1930s, who emigrated from China to Singapore.

“One of our best coups is Ralph Lauren: they sent us about 30 dresses, we used each of them!” Vogt told the sixth page “Constance wore one Yes, Gemma wears one, and all the bridesmaids at the wedding scene wear them.”

There are also appearances from Stella McCartney, Elie Saab, Dior, etc. All fine jewellery, such as Bulgari and Chopard, was borrowed for the on-site guards needed for the shoot.

“Constance actually found this Marchesa and showed me this photo. We saw a million pieces of clothes, and Jon kept saying, ‘I hope she has a Cinderella moment.’ This dress is perfect – Because the design is not new, Marchesa is willing to lend it to us for a month.”

Vogt said she had taken off her sleeves from the Marchesa dress and looked even more quiet.

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