The fashion designer explains how to dress like a young Donna

I am not a movie critic, but I am here to tell you that there is no sarcastic mommy! Here We Go Again is the perfect movie. Mamma Mia on Broadway show in 2008 film adaptation! The sequel and prequel is a beautiful, sparkling Greek playful song full of singing, dancing and many Aba songs that can be stuffed into the plot, and if you look closely, there will be a lot of loopholes. you should not.

In the original text, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) invited her mother’s three ex-boyfriends to her wedding, trying to find out which of them was her father, all of which did not tell her mother. Donna (Merris Trepp). The numbers of comedy and dance follow. This time, when Sophie followed her mother’s dream of opening the hotel, we returned to 1979, when an adventurous young man, Donna (Lily James), graduated from Oxford University and met these three on her way to the Greek island. Personal Sophie. It is both bubble and fun, and generally out of control, but it is also a powerful narrative about friendship and self-reliance.

See a side effect of Mommy! Here, we are once again addicted to capturing the fun of young Donna’s life, copying her beach curls and 70’s wardrobe. The young Donna is wearing a denim overalls, a soft hat, a transparent tunic, high waist shorts, a killer flared trousers and a colourful tassel dress.

I called Mommy! Here, we are once again a fashion designer Michel Clapton – also known for his work in the power game – to discuss wearing a young Donna and how to see it if anyone wants it.

To get started, how did you get the young Donna costume in the 70s part of the movie?

The 70s was the reason why I made movies. I really like the 70s. For Lily, I am thinking of Stevens. I love Jane Birkin. Nigella Lawson in the 1970s was very cool at Oxford. I found some of her old photos – she is the real source of inspiration for the Oxford and Cambridge scenes. I have seen photos of many people on holiday in Greece and see how they dress. Because it is a musical, I tried to lengthen the color and make it wearable.

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