Mrs. Maisel’s ‘costumes swing, pop and dazzling – are all designed

Mrs. Maisel’s ‘costumes swing, pop and dazzling – are all designed

When Amy Sherman-Palladino first met fashion designer Donna Zakowska to introduce her to the wonderful Lady Messer. Did not do much explanation. Zakosca, who had previously won an Emmy Award for the American revolutionary drama “John Adams”, immediately spoke to Sherman-Palladinho in 1958 about a work of a Western-style housewife who turned to a Greenwich Village stand-up comedian. The cabinet requirements were adjusted.

“This is instant chemistry,” recalls Zakowska. “Even before we talked about specific clothing, Amy was very interested in the cultural aspects of this period. As a native New Yorker, I understood the differences between the residential area and the city center. We talked about how clothes are a bit Ascension, because this show is almost like a musical. Clothes need to reinforce this feeling, which means I will do a lot of colors.”

Zakowska grew up in Brooklyn and shared Mrs. Maisel’s wonderful vision of color matching with a family patriarch. “My late mother is a master of accessories!” Zakowska said, speaking from New York in the second season of the Amazon Prime series. “When I put on her clothes after my death, every box of shoes has a pair of stockings, such as pale pink or light green, which matches the color of the shoes.”

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