Before ‘Reference K-POP and MODCLOTH AESTHETIC’ I love all the boys’ costumes

Warning: Here is a light spoiler of Netflix “All Boys I Loved”.

Netflix continues to target rom-com movie games – just like the summer of Asia’s representative – based on “all the boys I have loved”, this is a new movie based on Jenny Han’s best-selling YA novel.

For those teenagers who have not read this book (full disclosure: I), the summary here is: Ladie Jean Song Covey, a middle school and third-year high school student, likes to read the corset trousers (and evokes their own fantasy sequence) ), watch John Hughes’ classic and writing – and solve – give her rude smashed aphrodisiac love letter. She stored unsent notes in her deceased mother’s hat until they were mysteriously mailed to the boys, including former BFF and sister Margot’s boyfriend Josh Sanderson (Israel Broussard) and lacrosse brother Peter Ravinsky (Noah Centineo) . Yes, wince

In order to keep the dreamy Josh from thinking that she still loves him (and ultimately hurts Margot), Lara Joan agrees to pretend to be a dreamy Peter, and he wants his predecessor, Genevieve ( Emilija Baranac). But will it leave a trick? Hey, I have seen enough young movies (and CW shows) in the 80s and 90s, knowing that this can be played, but there is absolute, pure happiness: tears, laughter, heavier tears. I also completely fell in love with the Vietnamese-American actress Lana Condor, her first starring role as a dual-ethnic Korean American Lara Jean.

Some parts of the book may have been modified for streaming small screens, but a defined element must be consistent with the source material: fashion. Fashion designer Rafaella Rabinovich said in a phone call in Vancouver, “Laura makes this weird person very good.” “She doesn’t know how cool she is, how style she is. So especially one At first, it’s almost awkward.”

In order to bring the character into life through clothing, Rabinovich looked at Han’s book, wrote a script by Sofia Alvarez and collaborated with director Susan Johnson. “The whole movie has a palette,” she explained. “As a creative team, we all choose magenta, Cayenne and yellow. In a sense, this really helps us define an emotion.”

Rabinovich may seem that Lara Jean himself would seek fashion inspiration: Vogue in the 1990s, the popularity of the Clinton era and K-pop, all related to Lara Jean’s tradition and fashion trends. “I spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at girls who looked at something more romantic, these days – what did they accept?” The costume designer explained that he fell on the Modcloth community and labels at Insta Rabbit Cave. Take a look at how young women design retro-style pieces.

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