After the students wore KKK costumes as short plays, the Missouri high school teacher paused.

According to a Springfield news report, a history teacher at a high school in Missouri was suspended after wearing a three-knit costume to participate in a “learning group speech.”

According to news reports, the area said that the Poplar Bluff students in the 9th grade history class were divided into small groups and asked to produce a short play that represented the US constitutional amendment. One of the groups was assigned the 15th Amendment. The amendment gives African Americans the right to vote.

“As part of the presentation, students discussed the unfavorable historical behavior of certain organizations actively involved in suppressing voter rights,” KFVS reported.

According to the station report, in the 15th amendment, one of the students wore KKK clothing. That is November 9.

According to KFVS, the Poplar Bluff R-I school district has since then stated that the student’s behavior is not “discriminatory”.

According to social media reports from news leaders, after graduating from Poplar Bluff High School in 2017, KKK Kransmann clothing “became the public” and posted a photo to Facebook.

“This happened in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, my daughter’s high school,” said a person posted on Twitter. “A student is allowed to wear KKK clothing! When I contact (school)… they tell me that this is part of the history course and it doesn’t make any sense!”

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