How these costumes help unlock the mystery of Hill House

What does the ghost wear? Fashion designer Lynn Falconer had to ask this question when she was looking for a soul for the Crain family at Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House and the people lurking in the background. The adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name covers decades of fashion trends – including ghost costumes of the 1930s, floral decorations and contemporary outerwear of the summer of 1992.

Clothes played an important role in releasing the mysteries of the 10-part series, and SYFY FANGRRLS recently spoke with Falconer to learn more about the secrets revealed through the palette, the Bent-Neck Lady ensemble and Olivia’s fancy robe collection. And how to watch this show is like solving the origin of a colored “mathematical problem” and some items used to tell a bigger story. (For those who want to learn more about fashion details, including where to buy gloves like Theo’s [Kate Siegel] or Nell’s [Victoria Pedretti] wedding dress, then you are in the right place.)

Of course, red is an important part of the story; Red Room is an integral part of Hill House and can play the deepest fear and strongest desire of each character. In Shirley Jackson’s original novel, red is associated with Nell (as Eleanor), which is why Falconer weaves this color from her bridesmaid dress to her funeral dress through Nell’s story. Falconer used Jackson’s palette for other characters, including the yellow collocation in Theo’s wardrobe – the yellow velvet Sandro top she wore in episode 5 was just an example.

This is the fourth project of Falconer and Hill House founder Mike Flanagan, who have a strong sense of cooperation when discussing their relationship, including the use of red in the ending.

“Steven (Michiel Huisman) has a Bordeaux red cardigan, [and] the funeral director’s lapel has a red rose. It’s Flanagan’s direction. He brought it to the table,” Falconer pointed out. “There are red little feathers on the top hat. We found a place everywhere.”

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