Stingl: Starting from PJ to support sick mothers. Now every Thanksgiving family will wear lingerie.

What is the holiday of everyone wearing clothes in autumn?

Oh, yes, Thanksgiving.

This is their performance at the turkey day celebrations of John and Kathy Hus, who are retirees living in Milwaukee near Miller Park.

I am not talking about someone appearing in a pilgrim or maybe a gorging person. This is a comprehensive costume party action, where everyone is dressed up in a young and old-fashioned spirit as the theme of choice for the year – rock stars, old west, construction workers, to name a few.

Like many great traditions, this tradition begins organically and without any expectations it will become a precious annual event.

That was in 2008, Kathie’s mother Irene Nauertz suffered from congestive heart failure. Thanksgiving is coming, this will be the last time Irene.

“She won’t come because she said, ‘I don’t feel well, I don’t even wear clothes. I am wearing pajamas.’ I said, ‘Mom, we need you here. Put on your pajamas.”

“She said, ‘I can’t do it.’ I said, ‘Well, what if we are all wearing pajamas? That’s what we did. I had a great time with her that year, I am very happy that we did Arrived,” Casey said.

That comfortable cluster may be over. But Husz’s children and others in the family are asking to bring it back next year.

The 2009 theme attempts to maintain Thanksgiving – pilgrims and Native American costumes. But in the next eight years, this situation has disappeared.

Gangsters and rock stars
For an unforgettable year, they ate turkey and stuffing as a hooligan in the era of smugglers. This must be strange when they bypass the besieged table and everyone must say that they are grateful.

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