Tips and trends for Halloween costumes this year

Tips and trends for Halloween costumes this year

Only a few days away from Halloween, we found the best way to get into the spirit.

The Beverly Bernardi Post Conservatory of Dance sells Halloween costumes at this time of the year.

Beverly Bernardi Post gave 13 news to see what they saw this year – and some tips on children’s clothing.

She said she saw a lot of trends coming and going.

“We have superheroes, always fashionable, everyone likes the Avengers,” he said.

But this year she noticed the differences that people demanded.

“We have seen the dress,” she said. “Sometimes I will sell this dress to those who want to be extreme angels. I have sold this dress to people who want to be peacocks. They have peacock feathers, this Not Halloween costumes, and these are real dresses.”

The Bernardi Post is more than just a dress. There are about 1,400 pieces in her store.

On a cold Halloween night, some of them are more suitable than others.

“Not just thin screens, they choose those long hairs, which are a bit thick for the kids,” she said.

Padded clothing can help keep your child warm.

“We offer a range of animal costumes for young children, these are very heavy garments,” she said.

Another thing to remember is the ease of dressing for children who may have a harder time.

“They want to get in and out quickly, so things like this are simple, everything is one-piece,” she said.

No matter what you choose – Bernardi Post says you should remember the whole story of Halloween.

“Halloween shopping may be great, we like to do it. I think this should be a very interesting experience,” she said.

Beverly Bernardi Post also recommends shopping locally rather than online to ensure your clothing is comfortable and comfortable.

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