Halloween costumes for deaf women are ridiculous offenses, so please stop

Halloween is coming. Many of us may already be planning costumes for #Halloweekend and figure out that we are doing solo, with partners or teams. Planning needs to consider the Halloween style you want: Do you want more things? Still practical? Still sexy? Of course, every piece of clothing will have a different reaction. The latter may be accompanied by people’s Halloween costumes.
Unfortunately, if you wear sexy Halloween costumes, people sometimes make their own satirical comments based on your clothing choices. Choosing a sexy nurse, cat, pop star or anything else can really invite you to make a lot of rude comments on your sex life. People may say that your outfit is “slutty” or suggest something to you based on your outfit.

But in fact, it is 2018. When will people stop humiliating the swearing of women? Moreover, because of their wearing, making assumptions about anyone’s sexual life is ridiculous. In addition, even if people wearing sexy clothes are sexually active, this is not a bad thing. Why can’t people just live to make life? If someone has a positive sex life, that’s fine. This is actually not a person’s business, but their own business, so making any form of assumption about their personality is actually disgusting. So, yes, choosing a sexy Halloween costume definitely has no sex about anyone (of course!). But this does not stop some people from acting like you are a bad person, because you are showing some skin.

In addition, sexy clothing does not necessarily indicate a person’s taste. Many Halloween costumes designed for women are designed to be tight, short or exposed. Simply choosing what they can use can make a person feel ashamed? Why do people judge individual women based on clothing choices rather than questioning clothing companies that mainly produce clothing? There are other factors that explain why someone might wear more inspiring clothing, such as cost and accessibility. Maybe that person forgot the plan, the last few pieces of the Halloween store are more inspiring, or they have to scale down. So!

Although there are some main bastards that always have something to say, if you want to choose a more sexy Halloween costume, be sure to continue. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you to do this, but a little reminder does not hurt. This holiday is for dressing up, eating candy and all-round ghosts. Indulge in any outfit you want to wear. If people want to be bitter and mean you have a good time, then maybe they will be deceived and not treated on October 31st.

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