How to make all boys’ costumes mix high school movie clichés

When Lara Jean Covey was in the final scene of “All the boys I loved”, she took a firm step on the Adler High School Lacrosse Stadium, the scene The star is not the one we have just spent nearly a hundred minutes of decline – it is LJ’s platform oxford shoes, she is paired with mustard thigh socks. These platforms convey everything about the indoor life of a shy character in a succinct and stylish way: Lara Jean is an updated millennial version of the classic romantic comedy leader, such as Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock. She is an elevated version – in fact, helping to close the 9-inch height difference between Lana Condor and Noah Centineo on the platform.

For all the boys’ fashion designer Rafaella Rabinovich, they are very familiar with the attraction of the platform. “Jeffrey Campbell’s beautiful shoes!” she said. “Unfortunately, they are no longer available, but it is the most coveted project in the movie.”

In order to design a costume for high school romantic comedy, Rabinovich strives to remix the usual high school stereotypes. Hot athletes wear pilot jackets instead of a Letterman jacket; this popular girl wears chokers instead of Mean Girls-esque plaid mini mini, while the annoying sister wears T-shirts with “Girl Power” “[It] is not To create shame or tease [those clichés], but everyone can find themselves in the movie,” she explained. “So we have to talk to everyone and they will feel very familiar.”

This is the fabulous look of Rabinovich in the rest of the movie.

Lara Jean talks about her emotions slowly, but she expresses her vivid inner life through her bold, surprising style. Rabinovic wanted the style of the character to be removed from the old-fashioned store and the eclectic store: on her first day of her junior year, she paired khaki shorts and boots with knee-high socks and flannel. But when Lara began pretending to date, her style would turn pale pink and floral. “I think it shows that she is becoming more confident,” Rabinovic said. The flower details began to appear at Peter’s important moment: when she signed their relationship contract, LJ wore a floral print dress, and when Peter came over to invite her to a party, she wore a floral print apron and a family gathering of pilot jackets with embroidered flowers.

After a huge confrontation between Lara Jean, Peter and Josh, Lara Jean tore up the fake contract and learned that her kiss Peter’s video leaked. In the winter break, she wore a sweater with pink and yellow stripes and played in the room. Rabinovich’s inspiration comes from an unlikely holiday: “This is Christmas, she is so frustrated, we [match with sweaters] Easter colors, this looks like the concept of rebirth,” Rabinovich Say. “We want a moment to say, ‘Everything will be fine.'”

For the hot, wholesome lacrosse player Peter Cavinsky, Rabinovich considered putting Noah Centineo into the classic Letterman jacket, but eventually decided to use khaki. “We want to make him a fantastic guy, but find the middle position between the athlete and the guy wearing J.Crew,” Rabinovic said. With Josh wearing jeans, Kakis is a good choice for Peter, and Rabinovic hopes to look like a very cute fascinator. “[The boy’s style shouldn’t define too much for you,” Rabinovich said. “It’s not that they don’t seem to have much ideas, but we want them to be true.”

The filmmakers wanted to unearth a lonely boy-style stereotype for Josh Sanderson, Margot’s ex-boyfriend and Lara Jean’s secret whitewash. When Israel Brusad came to his accessories, he told Rabinovic to say firmly to him: “He is like, ‘Can you do me a favor? I don’t want to wear too many plaids.” Can’t tell me why, but he told me, ‘In my last job, I wore a lot of plaids.’ “In that movie, the groundhog Japanese happy death day, Broussard in the whole movie Plaids are worn in the reset schedule. Rabinovich said, instead of the plaid, Josh wore a lot of denim. “We want Josh to be an artist and rock and roll, and listen to Elliott Smith’s opinion, but it doesn’t turn it into full rubbish. In his view, Israel is a very big collaborator. Israel wears denim. Most of the denim is actually his own denim.”

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