Special signs, clothing, more: Saints fans prepare for Drew Brees’ recordable night

Special signs, clothing, more: Saints fans prepare for Drew Brees’ recordable night

Case Williams should have been in bed for four weeks after surgery.

Instead, he was wearing a pink bathrobe and a pope cap and refused to sit in the game against the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

No matter how much pain he has, or how uncomfortable the back support of the whole torso he feels in his robes.

Williams will never miss history.

As Drew Brees became the prospect of the NFL’s leading passer in front of his home audience, Saints fans strengthened their enthusiasm with passion and dedication on Monday night.

Mercedes-Benz superstars’ special logos and costumes adorned the inevitable events of their 38th, 280th Bris career for the national team, allowing him to surpass Brett Favre and Payton Manning to become all players. The most players ever voted.

Among the disciples of a group of Bres, Williams stood in section 111 as their pope representative.

Williams said: “The only reason I hope he will retire is that he can run for the governor.”

On Monday night, the love for Brace flowed through the Saints fans at a rate comparable to his yards.

While other fans may disagree with Bress’s governor’s candidacy schedule, it is hoped that the 39-yard quarterback will last for a few years, and this sentiment is true for others.

Linda Lane spent a moment looking for photos with her “Drew Dat” logo outside Champions Square, and she said she would vote for Brees for the mayor, governor, president or any other office he campaigned for.

But for now, the 16-year season ticket holder has decided to engrave his name in history books again.

“It will be so exciting,” Ryan said before the game. “I have participated in all the competitions and this will be the best.”

Even before they entered the Superdome, the fans of the Saints team had the confidence that Brees would produce 201 yards, just have the record.

When he hit Tre’Quan Smith for a 62-yard touchdown at the end of the second quarter, they proved to be correct.

Some of Williams’ friends dressed up as “Bress Brothers” for this event, not only congratulated Bryce, but also announced the birth of Crickrand’s second child in the future, with the words “German Lubres breaks the record of October 2018; the season of the only child ends in May 2019″

The team also held several celebrations, including a video of Manning, congratulations to Brees, and then illuminated the Superdome’s exterior in black and gold for 9 minutes. Brass also sent the ball to the NFL Hall of Fame, where it will be sacred.

Season ticket holder Brad Vandevender predicted a record-breaking pitch before the game and will enter the screen in the second quarter and pass back to Alvin Kamala.

Although the results are not correct, Vendevender does accurately predict one aspect of the game.

“The crowd will get crazy,” Vendevender said. “It will be crazy tonight.”

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