This year’s popular Halloween costume once again has a political inclination

This year’s popular Halloween costume once again has a political inclination

According to “Today USA”, this is a terrible statistic: Americans are expected to spend $9.1 billion on Halloween last year. This is an increase from the $8.4 billion they spent in 2016.

For some time, Halloween has become the second most expensive holiday of the year, and there has been no news. For retailers, this is a boon, or at least the owner of a vacant large store, and as Halloween – the industrial park continues to inject energy into the economy, two months later, these stores have transitioned to large stores in Halloween.

Circuit City? Sports Authority? frame? Most of their previous buildings were too big to transition to nail salons or pet grooming shops, and most downtown stores seemed to be in the midst of an extinct retail store.

So every few months each year they will be transformed into a Halloween supermarket, where they can buy a variety of clothing, which are made from a few dollars of polyester on a distant land. The clothes can stand the time. The test. Maybe even 11pm Halloween night.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular costumes of the year is to dress like Tonya Harding. Yes, Tony Harding from the 1994 Winter Olympics arranged for Krigan to be trapped by local mobs in order to gain the advantage of his opponent Nancy Cregan.

Obviously, a movie called “I, Tony” has become a hot topic earlier this year.

It’s even a simple do-it-yourself garment that only needs a real skating costume. More daring people may want to add some kind of street legal skates to the ensemble. And, if you want to make it a team effort, bring a friend dressed as Nancy Kerrigan or even a jealous friend to play as an attacker hired by Harding’s husband to hit Kerrigan’s leg with a baton.

This will be a perfect opportunity to do a healing trick and re-enact (safe) events at each front door!

Among the more popular among us are Harry and Megan, where people will walk along the streets like a royal couple. Royal Air Force uniforms are easy to come by. To increase the effect, include a group of trailing paparazzi, but they will have to keep distance instead of qualifying for candy.

This year’s popular masks continue to include the current president, this Halloween is Donald Trump. Presidential masks are usually sold on average between supporters and opponents of a particular president. Although it is sometimes a bit too much, like the people in a house in North Jersey a few years ago, wearing Obama’s mask on the dummy on the suit and hanging it on the tree. Even the anti-Obama neighbors demanded that they be cancelled. it is.

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