According to your sign, what should your Halloween costume be?

This is the year in which astrological memes formally become inevitable and disturbing. In the past few years, we have inspired the architect’s clothing and celebrated Bauhaus’s legendary costume party. In 2018, we decided to turn to the universe.

After browsing a few miles of astrology meme pages on Instagram, we were inspired to put our own Curbed twists on Halloween costumes based on your constellations. Although the architects and designers mentioned below may not have actual birthdays corresponding to your zodiac date, their personality and style are matched to each logo.

The bold, ambitious Aries has a like-minded spirit in Frank Gehry. The architect is known for his fanatical, metal and expressive architecture, which is expected to change the community – sometimes even the entire city.

The architect from Los Angeles has been involved in many large and small projects, from his own home in Santa Monica to the Bilbao Museum in Spain, and the redesign of the Los Angeles River. Aries, a fire sign, is also known for its explosive temper. Although Gehry is the perfect intellectual, who can forget the infamous photo that made him turn the bird on the reporter?

The formula for house flip display is quite predictable: a couple finds a fixture – upper, envisions a hammer wall and installs the most popular finishes and equipment, and thinks they can cheaply renovate the home just to find (the plot) Distorted!) The hidden cost of making the budget inflated.

This loop repeats the project after the project, the episode after the episode, and the big reveal is always a satisfying dreamy and luxurious home. This reliable, material, stubborn family subject is essentially Taurus.

You are never sure what Bjarke Ingels will design next. Will it be the pyramid of Manhattan? Burning people’s ethereal balls? football field? Prefabricated floating dormitory? Hyperloop? All of this belongs to the category of the most famous celebrity practitioners in contemporary architecture.

In the slogan “Happiness Sustainable Development”, it helps to connect exciting and flexible themes and provide irony that can always be quoted (see Rolling Stone’s 2016 image). Ingels is the ultimate Gemini: a wide range Interesting playful, fast moving social butterfly.

With more work from the late Zaha Hadid, the world will be much better. Her thrilling, imaginative buildings broke through the boundaries of the building. Although Cancer may not be an obvious association of an architect known as the “Queen of the Curve” and designed large spaces like the Olympic Stadium, the airport, the Opera House and cultural buildings, we believe that the water sign fits her smooth silhouette. Hadid’s structure remains soft even though the hard shell is hard.

Young and lions are a proud person – they are the center of vain, drama, enthusiasm, courage and attention. So #Architecture is also a super Instagram space that can be seen all over the world via mobile phones. You must have seen the white ball pit in the Fun House exhibition at the National Architecture Museum designed by Snarkitecture, which immediately caught the attention of the Internet – and may be a bit overexposed. Insta-Architecture grows like your Leo to your timeline.

The holy grail of prefabricated buildings is cost-effective, efficient construction and amazingly beautiful things. For generations, architects like Michelle Kaufmann have begun to complete the tasks of these building systems. Especially in Kaufman’s work, there is a strong trend of sustainability and practicality: the secret of Virgo’s success is two characteristics.

For many people, a long-term goal is to organize better. But when Marie Kondo came here, the embarrassing master asked 4 million people around the world to ask if their belongings “give them happiness” and turn the rudiment of abstinence into a kind of Quasi-religious. Kondo insists on balance and harmony, and the minimalist aesthetics embodied in this philosophy, solving countless family conflicts and existing crises, like her celestial constellation: Libra.

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