History-inspired Halloween costume ideas

Will you participate in Halloween? Whether you want the appearance of Goofy, lasting power, old-school witchcraft, or pure bad guys, history can provide endless inspiration. Here are some of our favorite clothing ideas in the past, there is a handy information link – because it’s those background stories, of course, this will really help you nail it.

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Homefront actress

Show the world that we can use the reminiscent of the exciting World War II heroine Rosie the Riveter. Use her signature cotton-red polka-dot headband for a quick-start look with internal wires to help get everything in place. Want to hammer the details of going home? Put on a practical jumpsuit, grab a sturdy lunch box and spend a day on the factory floor.


If you want to see if it’s purely president, try Theodore Roosevelt’s iconic Pince-Nez Specs, which was popular at the time and only stayed on the nose. Wear a well-cut 3-piece suit and pocket watch, or try Rough Rider’s travel jacket and forestry cap. Leave the bull moose at home.

Salem Witch

Of course, the witch is a classic of Halloween, but the prototype is not as good as a pointed hat and broom. This Oversized Bonnet features a simple Puritan-style dress that takes you back to the 17th century, truly thrilling world of Salem, Massachusetts. There, between 1692 and 1693, dozens of people were tried for witchcraft and 19 were eventually executed – this was a massive hysterical tragic case that later became a real witchcraft.


When you look at the famous hairline, people will ask where your kite is. Put on this jacket and tie Benjamin Franklin wig, you will immediately be considered a silver tongue colonial politician and inventor. To enhance the look, don’t forget some of the famous Philadelphian iconic discoveries: a pair of bifocal glasses (yes, they are his invention) or kites and keys that attract a little power for your holiday.


Give your Halloween a costume and pay tribute to the great flying ace of the past: retro-style aviator caps and goggles. To complete the look, simply put a white satin scarf around your neck and grab the map or model airplane. You will definitely win your wings.


Ernesto’s “cut” Guevara’s image may be as iconic as his role in the Cuban revolution, which means that the costume will certainly be recognized – and sparked some controversy. Inspired by the famous Alberto Korda photo “Guerrillero Heroico” – this portrait introduces thousands of T-shirts – starting with Che’s iconic Star-Bedecked Black Beret. Add a khaki jacket and complete the conversion to make sure you read Marx.

NASA astronaut

Ground Control for Halloween: A device that transcends the world has landed! Men’s astronaut costumes inspired by Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin pay tribute to the upcoming 50th anniversary. Skip the helmet – this makes social activities too difficult – but with a can of Tang as an astronaut-approved accessory, you can take care of a refreshing enjoyment.

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