‘Sexy’ Halloween costume: Empowerment or objectification?

‘Sexy’ Halloween costume: Empowerment or objectification?

As Halloween approaches, countless people believe that more and more “sexy” clothing is available for women to fill social media. Most people think that clothing is either an indispensable source of feminist empowerment or a feminist movement. Mocking.

LGBT reporter Dan Savage believes that Halloween is equivalent to a heterosexual pride celebration, so for a straight girl, this is a perfect day to shamelessly show off their sexual orientation.

In October 2013, Arizona State University was at the center of this debate, when two unidentified Arizona State University students became local Internet sensations because they completely exposed the Halloween party.

Women’s clothing, or lack of, collects articles from well-known gossip sites such as Buzzfeed, Gawker, Daily Mail and Total Frat Move.

Rosweitz, a professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University, said she believes there is no way to separate the nature of sexy clothing from power and deprivation.

“On the one hand, you are wearing high-fashion clothing, which is a way for women to be proud of their sexual orientation. They feel that they have their own sexual desire and enjoy the body they have,” she said. “The problem with attraction as a form of power is that it is always temporary, always fragile, and always dependent on the other’s judgment.”

Weitz said it is important to remember that many women see sexual activity as a source of empowerment.

“The background is centuries – thousands of years – women are told that their sexual behavior is immoral, dangerous to the male soul, hidden, controlled or controlled, it belongs to the father or husband,” she said . “There are still young women who are driven out of their homes because of pregnancy or loss of virginity, so women can now choose to use and show their sexual orientation for their own purposes. This is very capable.”

Claire Mason is a sophomore. He published this feature article on Twitter. He said that even if women wear sexy clothes to attract a partner, it is still an independent claim.

“I think this can give power because you say, ‘I want to go out and let people attract me and maybe connect with people,’” she said. “I think that even for these reasons, it can be empowered, because sometimes women are not allowed to engage in sex or pursue sex, which I find is very strange and messed up.”

While students like Mason show enthusiasm for revealing clothing, Iris Tirado, an employee at Easley’s Fun Shop in Phoenix City Center, said that after 13 years of work in the store, she felt that the “sexy” fashion trend is gradually disappearing.

“I want to say that about 10 years ago, (sexy costumes) were more flourishing than they are now,” she said. “But I think it’s a bit of a blessing as women become more conservative.”

Tirado said that the decline in the popularity of clothing may be related to raising public awareness of the potential dangers of women wearing exposed clothing.

Mason said she hopes women’s “sexy” clothing is the same as men’s “sexy” clothing.

“It’s more fun when men do this,” Mason said. “It’s not like, ‘Look at their ass’, or whatever. So, I think if we try to make it more like a woman, everyone can enjoy showing off their body without being misunderstood by some people.”

Weitz said that this double standard indicates that the imbalance between men and women is greater, but the gendering of men’s clothing does not solve any problems.

She said: “I don’t want to live in a world of men’s excessive sexual behavior, and men have been forced to show their sexual orientation and attractiveness.” “I would rather see a world in which men and women You can enjoy playing with them, find out what is useful to them and what they like.”

For Tirado, it all comes down to an ancient rule about starting a business.

“If no one wants to see it, then don’t watch it,” she said. “You don’t need to comment. Don’t look at it, leave it to yourself or say it in your mind… Does she feel comfortable? Let her.”

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