If the wasp will change the costume in a future movie, Ivan Jelly Lily’s address

Ant-Man and Wasp showed fans the long-awaited Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) in her first superhero costume, and it looks like this dress can stay here.

When she first appeared at the Boston Fans Expo, Lilly was asked if her wasp incarnation would change clothes as often as a character comic book. As Lilly said, the desire to change clothing matches the personality of Janet Van Dyne, which is similar to Hope.

“In the original comic book, she was a fashion designer,” Lily explained. “Jenit Van Dyne is a fashion designer, she likes to change her clothes. Women who like clothes are absolutely not wrong. I like clothes! But for me, hope is a very serious, no nonsense scientist, this It will be distracting. I don’t think she cares too much about her things. I think she will choose something practical when she goes to the store. No matter what she needs to do, it’s her body. She goes home. After that, I have done what I have to do.”

“So, if Hope is a fashion designer, then maybe it’s fun,” Lily continued. “But she is a scientist, so no.”

Of course, Marvel Cinematic Universe has a fair share of its clothing changes from the beginning, so redesigned wasp clothing may not be completely inappropriate. However, there are some admirable reasons behind Lilly’s reasoning, that is, how clothing changes fit her character, which is also a mentality in her interpretation of clothing evolution.

“The original comic characters are very feminine, I want to express them, but she is also very sexy,” Lilly explained in an interview earlier this year. “And I don’t particularly want to imitate this part of the original. It’s hard to figure out how you make a woman look feminine and elegant, so that her movements can be feminine and refined, elegant and elegant, without making her open. behavior?”

“One of the advantages is that she has a set that covers everything from head to toe. It’s a luxury.” Lily talks about her “comfortable” outfit. “I am very happy that I don’t wear mini skirts and corsets.”

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