Coronation Street suggests that Henry Newton will really fall for Gemma winter

Coronation Street fans will not know if Henry Newton can really fall for Gemma Winter next week.

Last Friday’s Corrie double bill showed that Henry was only betting on Gemma’s date, and the audience was shocked, despite the early hope that Gemma would eventually find her Mr Right.

In next week’s episode, Gemma (Dolly Rose Campbell) still did not notice Henry’s ulterior motives because she tried to plan a birthday party for him.

Gemma brought a surprise Newton & Ridley theme party to Henry in the return of the Rangers, which is the nod of the bar and the winery’s long history.

Even though Henry just pretended to like Gemma, he was really touched when he saw that she had brought so much trouble to him.

Henry even proudly wore his sailor costume, as Gemma hoped, to enter the spirit of the occasion correctly.

When the scene is aired, the audience will definitely guess whether Henry can grow into a true Gemma, even though he initially hates intent.

Does Gemma’s gesture of goodwill allow Henry to look at her with a new look, or will she continue to use her as his shameful bet?

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