Folsom Chick-Fil-A Looking for Stolen Cow Costume

FOLSOM — As you think about persons breaking into a Chick-Fil-A, you might imagine they will got aside with money or maybe even something to eat. Instead, robbers who hit at a Folsom position got aside with 3 cow costume.

Owner Shiny Crane informed FOX40 3 of the costume were obtained from a shed behind his store Saturday night about East Bidwell Street.

Cctv surveillance images recommend the robbers, described just as two men and a woman, realized exactly what these people were looking for.

“There were tasks that were even more valuable in that shed, and so they chose the bovine, knew in which they were for and had taken them, inch Crane stated.

The lacking costumes and t-shirt canon are really worth a lot of money, with respect to Raie.

Schools inside the area take spring break, so Raie says having been going to makes use of the costumes to surprise children at area parks. At the same time, other Chick-Fil-A restaurants possess stepped into help, letting Crane and his staff borrow costumes.

Crane believes this could have been a prank, therefore his communication is simple.

“I just need my cows back, ” Crane said “No plans to press charges, therefore if they show backup, we would just be incredibly grateful. ”

Crane says he is planning on beefing up their security to avoid another break-in.

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