Don’t forget this step of your Halloween costume

Don’t forget this step of your Halloween costume

Nothing hurts more than the moment you walk into the Halloween party. A friend gives you a quick time, frowns and asks you what to wear. That person hits your body like a punch, especially when you spend a few weeks tracking an authentic red satin dress (which is not cheap), your hair loosely curls and even makes me On the Bieber logo is a icing on the cake, you think it is the perfect Selena Gomez costume.
In order to withstand any horrible doubts this year, consider raising your celebrity costume to a whole new level of credibility – up to the nails. Prior to this, we have zoomed in on the guides in the hands of our favorite A-listers to get an idea of how to achieve each of their iconic nail styles. So, whether you need to sit down and get a file and some nude colors, or invest in a gel extension like Ariana Grande, you need to know exactly how to complete your outfit.

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