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Several Perfumes for College Students

Even though a dress code portrays one’s personality and sense of style, the scent is a mere afterthought. How you smell sends a keen sense to other people’s memory and can be a huge factor in how they perceive you. So, your smell matters as much as your dress. For this reason, you should regard how you smell as much as you consider your appearance. Here are several fantastic perfumes affordable for college students.

  • Mango Body Mist

Mango body mist is freshly scented and infused with the scent of fresh mango and community trade sugar. It is most suitable used during summer times. Its fragrance, too, is mild and not overpowering. You can spray yourself from head to toe.


  • Demeter Fresh-Brewed Coffee

If you can’t do without a coffee cup, you will fall in love with Demeter fresh brewed coffee. This perfume is just as good as coffee to keep you awake all day. Its scent is similar to that of coffee and has a vibrant espresso scent. Coffee lovers will the perfume wholeheartedly.

  • Glossier You Perfume

Glossier You get a sniff of the scent of a newly cleaned, crisp, t-shirt. It is packaged in an ergonomic bottle with a thumb-print style that comfortably allows the awesome scent to sit on your skin. The perfume is heavy on warm, creamy base notes that transform and smell a little different on everyone.


  • Fabindia Wild Rose Perfume Oil

If you are attracted to roses’ sweet smell, the wild rose perfume will suit you right. Its fragrance is mild and pleasant to keep you refreshed throughout the day. It contains grape seed oil, sesame oil, vitamin E, and Cyclomethicone.


  • Sui Dream

Sui dreams might be an old perfume but still smells yummy. The delectable aroma of vanilla dominates its feminine fragrance. Perfect for a girl who is sweet and shy and prefers a more subdued scent. It is a delightful dream full of fantasy and sensual innocence.

When choosing a perfume, look for a fragrance you are drawn to. Store them in a dry, cool, and away from direct sunlight. Find ascent you love and stick to it. That way, it becomes your signature.

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