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One Piece Is Enough, 6 Kinds of Matching Methods for Early Autumn Sweater

The weather is getting colder, it’s time to prepare some long-sleeved clothes in case of an emergency. Today I recommend a great single. It is versatile and classic, and many clothes can be matched. It does not choose a figure and is also friendly to petite girls. Sometimes it does not even choose gender. A style can be worn by men and women. Such a treasure item must be a sweater!

Match 1: cycling pants

Cycling pants were originally used as sportswear, but they have become unique fashion items. The fashion trend in the fashion circle is something we mere mortals can’t understand. It doesn’t seem to be special by looking at it, but it is different when used to match other items. Like sweaters, they are generally loose-fitting. Cycling pants are tight, so they can be tightly combined and complement each other. Cycling pants have strong shaping ability, and you can look thinner and taller by pulling them up.

Black has a strong personality. petite girls can wear black sweaters and cycling pants. The increased aura can sometimes make people forget about their stature. Fluorescent color is also a good choice sometimes. It can make people look sunny and bright, and the combination of fluorescent green will definitely make you the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

Match 2: Sports pants

Sweatpants are the perfect match for sports pants. If you want to show your figure, you can consider tight sports pants. The gray hooded sweater is very classic. The best match for gray is black, which is generous and steady. Speaking of the characteristics of sports pants, there must be a close-fitting design that outlines a graceful curve. If it is a girl who often goes to the gym and has smooth muscle lines, these pants can show your advantages. A hooded sweater on the upper body and gently retracting the hem of the clothes is equivalent to raising the waistline and showing the legs.

3. Tuck into the pants

When it comes to raising the waistline, it must be mentioned that the hem of the top is stuffed into the trousers. In the early autumn, the weather is not so cold. You can wear a thin sweater, stuff it into your pants, and block the air outlet at the hem, which can show a sense of fluffy and casual. Tuck the clothes into the pants, giving people a lazy feeling.

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