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Speaking of autumn, it is September to November. However, the temperature fluctuates greatly during this period, and it is easy to fall into the puzzle of “what should I wear?”

Change the autumn clothes slowly. September is the time when the climate changes. Everyone thinks “The season is about to change…”. However, if the season is changed too early, there will always be a few days in a month that will be very hot, so the season cannot be changed across the board. It is better to realize the change of season from mid-September, and then change the clothes in the closet little by little.

Feelingirldress has launched a series of autumn tops at the blouse wholesale online event. Now let me introduce you to the 2020 autumn dressing trend and help you better choose your favorite items!

One of the popular colors in 2020 is “Classical Blue”. “Clear Sky Blue”, which extends from Classical Blue, has entered this season’s popular color rankings! You only need to match a piece of clothing with this color to enhance the match to many levels. It is a must-have color for mature women.

A beautiful match made by adding the popular “tassel” elements to the skirt. Although refreshing white and green are the colors used in spring, if they are decorated with gray tassels, they can transform into the taste of autumn. Although the colorful sweaters are bright in this all-black collocation, by matching with different materials, even black and heavy jackets can add a little. If you make good use of the purple color of Reiwa, you can become a fashionista. Even a feminine long dress can become very sweet with purple. Even mature women can challenge the color, and with sneakers, it will look elegant.

Sweater and hoodies are of course the highlight of autumn clothing. You can find hoodies and sweatshirts for women all you like on our website, go and check it out!

Sweater + shirt is a very energetic match. By exposing the hem, cuffs and collar of the shirt, it can break the monotony of the single-wearing sweater, and make the overall wear more vigorous and layered, which looks very playful. The sweater + suit will also have a visual impact and a refreshing sense of freshness. The perfect blend of leisure and formality~ It can be used in formal occasions as well as daily commuting.

I believe you already have thoughts about your dressing in this autumn, so why don’t you go to our website check View Feelingirldress Black Friday event out and choose your favorite products!

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