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Beret and Woolen Coats for Girls

The humble beret is making a comeback as many girls are going for it. Traditionally, the beret was a headgear for farmers, particularly in the South of France. As seen recently, the trend is becoming a girls’ function. The beret and woolen coats are unique and still super on-trend. So, why not make a strikingly amazing outfit with the duo. 

Warm and fluffy

Keep it cozy and fluffy with a bold woolen coat that you can quickly and elegantly layer over your crisp look this winter season. Compliment the look with an oversized fashionable beret. Compared to the loudness of your strongly colored woolen suit, the headpiece should be plain and understated.

Feminine and sexy

This is the easiest way of styling your beret. Get a dress that’s feminine and a fitting beret. It gives you that romantically ravishing feeling. For day to day wear, a beret paired with a floral dress and a woolen coat is suitable and can be translated today to nightwear. 

Casual vibe

Get a knitted beret with a messy low bun if your hair needs a boost. Step up the theme with a woolen coat and boots, and leggings. The ensemble has a more relaxed vibe and can be practical as well as trendy. 

Matching coat with the beret

Pair your beret with your woolen coat for the cold-season look. You can go for a similar color or go for similar shades. For instance, a blue beret can match with a blue woolen coat in a lighter shade. Or a bright red beret and a coat together. 

Ultra Stylish Outfit

With a mustard-colored woolen coat and a chic wool beret, the outfit is so fabulous. Complement the look with ankle boots and a bejeweled purse. The coat should look oversized with a hem that hits right above the knee. 

Berets hats are not just reserved for formal outfits; you can go casual to create a seamless, beautiful look. Something unique about berets is that it makes you look like a sartorial insider that is confident and fearless with the possibility to turn the basic into the memorable.

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