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Have You Used These Brand Blushes?

Blush, or rouge, which means red in Red, is a widely-used for centuries makeup coloring, usually applied on the cheeks. Blush gives a healthy, appealing complexion to the skin, and emphasizes the bone structure, therefore it should be an important step in everyone’s makeup routine. So, if you have a bad habit of skipping this step, these brand blushes will definitely change your mind. Check these makeup gems out and choose your next favorite.

Nars is one of the most popular makeup brands on the market. This manufacturer is especially known for its fantastic blushers with unusual, provocative names. They come in minimal, professional packaging with a small mirror. The texture of Nar’s blushes is always smooth and silky, and the color pay-off is always pigmented and rich.

Do you like milk? If your lactose intolerance doesn’t allow you to enjoy this drink, then you’ll be able to blush your face with Milk makeup. Unlike the previous gem, Milk blushes is a two-in-one product. It has a creamy, moisturizing formula with mango butter and avocado oil. The final finish on the cheeks and lips is smooth and subtle, so for a more pigmented look, you can build the color up.

Dior’s blouses are just as iconic as their lipsticks and perfume. They come packed in a cute, black packaging and feature and little brush for comfortable color application and mirror. But be very careful with this blush, because it is fantastically pigmented. A little swipe goes a very long way, so you’ll be able to enjoy this lasting blush for a very long time.

What is lighter, than the year, yet gives your cheeks such a desirable, youthful hue? The answer is Cream blush by Fenty Beauty. Its lightweight formula instantly melts into the skin, giving them an unforgettable natural-looking flush. If you have a dry skin type, then you have to try out this cream blush, and your skin will be thankful.

Every beauty lover has heard about Mac’s blushes, they are pigmented, finely-melt, and available in a bunch of different shades. The darker shades of blush by Mac are ideal for tanned, medium, and dark skin tones. It doesn’t really matter what color you are going to choose, every one of these blushers will provide your skin with a beautiful, smooth finish. A little goes on the apple of your cheeks, a little on the forehead, and your nose for the doll-like complexion.

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