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Aroma Museum, Tom Ford Keeps You Accompany

Today, I will introduce to you several Tom Ford private perfume series that I like very much. Unlike traditional mainstream perfumes, each bottle of fragrance in this series is specially crafted by hand. Each one begins with a single fragrance, and then a variety of rich and diverse materials appear one by one. In 2014 and 2015, these perfumes won the perfume foundation award (equivalent to the Oscar in perfume).

Tom Ford Café Rose

Café Rose belongs to the Tom Ford Dark Garden series. Tom Ford himself said, “Flowers have a dark charm. Their beauty can be so extreme, with sensory anesthesia and almost depraved decadence”-so the floral scent in his hand can always show the taste of night.

This blend of two kinds of roses: Turkish rose is a deep and stimulating petal, Bulgarian rose is spicy. In the middle and back, the bright coffee and saffron penetrate the rich roses, adding a bit of thickness.

The smell is mysterious and stubborn. Suitable for autumn and winter, suitable for velvet, suitable for spraying a little on the wrist in the midnight coffee shop, thinking of tango dance steps in mind.

Tom Ford White Suede

This is the most popular one among the girls around me. It is extremely reassuring, comfortable, without a hint of aggressiveness. The texture is like suede, like reading a book on a pure white wool carpet, and the stove next to it is roasting vigorously.

This smell always makes people feel familiar. The faint scent of milk is mellow, gentle and gentle, remembering when my grandma peeled a toffee for me when I was a child, rubbing my face with her warm palm. Makes people feel safe and want to snuggle

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Very realistic leather, strong and direct, smells rich. May be Tom Ford’s inspiration when designing menswear. Leather exudes an original breath and silky texture in high-end ready-to-wear customization. So he customized this fragrance for mature men, with leather as the base, wild and unassuming.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

White sunlight, very summery. The coconut’s creamy and sweetness are full of sunshine. Paired with tuberose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang, the tranquility is far away, a bit more contemplative, and it is no longer blindly sweet. Some people say that smelling it is like, the sun is full of smiles. With a smile on his face, tears in his heart. I suddenly felt appropriate and touched

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