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All Imagination about Sexy-Tom Ford’s Perfume Report

As we grow older, our preferences for perfumes begin to slowly change.

Before the age of 25, I was fascinated by Jo Malone’s fresh literary sensibilities, but now I like Tom Ford’s profound intoxication for no reason. It’s like Jasmin Rouge’s graceful grace, or White Suede’s gentle and steady. Know the beauty of mature women, know the preciousness of sexy.

After 25 years old, it is really difficult to refuse Tom Ford. Because it is sexy and atmospheric, there is no twisty powder, no matter how passionate it is, it will always be mixed with a hint of vigor.

The fragrances that I will introduce to you today are all neutral fragrances (perfume does not distinguish between men and women, so-called “male fragrance” and “female fragrance” are created for marketing needs) and do not emphasize the top, middle and base notes. Like it because you just like it.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

This has always been called the top of the orange blossom perfume, compared with the ordinary orange blossom oil, it has reduced a lot of “girly” smell.

At first it was lemon with a refreshing soapy water taste, mixed with the slight bitterness of bitter orange, without any sweetness. Slowly it began to smell of floral scent mixed with amber, both tender and calm, but all dark and seemingly absent.

After a long time, it will not be the smell of the outside world, and it will be more like body fragrance. It reminds me of a handsome boy who loves to wear white shirts, with gentle eyebrows and great wisdom in his heart, but never attacking.

Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot

Bergamot, inspired by citrus planted in the bright sunshine of southern Italy, is transported to a place with canals and flowers, just like Venice itself, without worrying or disturbing the world, and the taste is also unconcealed.

I think it is one of the few main “fresh” fragrances in this series. Of course, Tom Ford did not give up his always spicy preference-lemon, floral fragrance accompanied by pepper, ginger, the base is simple and rich wood. The freshness here has a somewhat unruly and casual taste.

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge

The beginning is the undefended, intuitive jasmine smell. Thinking of playing at my cousin’s house when I was young, her dressing table was full, and it was always full of the smell of summer soil, which inspired my most primitive worship and yearning for beauty.

As an oriental floral note, it is still mixed with spicy aromas of cardamom, cinnamon and pepper. The last woody fragrance keeps her from falling into vulgarity and has not become a complete feminine fragrance.

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