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Whoever Makes These Nails Styles Will Have Temperament

Nail designs and styles can reflect how put together you are. People usually take care of their skin and hairs but forget about their hands and feet. Different nail styles give you a creative window. Your nail is like a canvas and you fill it in however you like. There are also different mediums available for to achieve different kinds of results. There are a lot of different styles that you can try out to match with the season or outfit. You can either go with the trend or create your own little touch. Here are some nail styles trends that you might want to try.

French Manicure

Yes these designs are coming back! These are simple yet look so classy. These basic nails require from very little to no effort.  You can make it more fun by adding designs or crystals on it or even a fun colour like neons. You can also do the same style but with different colored lines layered on to give it a unique touch. They go with any kind of outfit or theme.

Tie-dye nails

Tie-die techniques are no longer just limited to clothes. Now we can have it  on our nails too. They are very fun and add a pop of color to our everyday life. Thse can either be in the basic circular style or a modern marbled style. You can also keep it sophisticated by using the marble style with white and pastel colors for the effect. Wouldn’t it be awesome to rock everything tie-dye for a day?

Smiley face nails

Who doesn’t enjoy that extra touch of happiness in their life? Well, these nails are definitely going to do that for you. You can either create then with fun colours like pink, red, blue, orange. You can also make each smiley different on each finger nail or can also make it more fun by creating a rainbow one.

Ombre  skies

Ombre nails have been there for a while now but have definitely been evolving a lot. Ombre skies are very aesthetic and creative. The little cloud details make it very cute. If you have a knack for painting we are very sure you are going to love this trend.  You can create this with so many colors and shades like blues, whites, purples, greys, oranges, etc. But pinks and purples are the most trending ones now. If you want to add a little unique touch you can ask your nail artist for a tiny angel or cupid on top of those clouds.

Gold rimmed manicure

Anything with gold detailing on makes things look so much more bougie and expensive. From paintings to food and now nails. Gold rimmed nails are the most popular ones among all the other ones. The name is pretty self-explanatory you apply gold detailing only on the rims of your nails. You can pair this with colors like brown, white, black, dark green, nude, etc.

 Fruit Nails

These nails are all about the summer vibes. It amazing how detailed you can get with them. You can have tiny kiwis, strawberries, lemons, oranges, apples even veggies like cucumber. It looks extremely cute and refreshing. This is a very fun way to play around with colors and maintain the summer vibes. It is definitely going on our summer nails inspiration board, what about you?

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