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11 Summer Accessories Trends That Will Instantly Update Your Wardrobe


Summer is an exhilarating time in the world of fashion. Each year at this time, the major designers introduce new trends and styles to stores that they gave us a glimpse of in their runway shows. We are here to help you get you ready for summer fashion shopping — and tell you how to work the runway trends for wearing in your real-life — with my guide to the hottest accessory trends for summer.


This year’s summer style is all about bright colors and delicate details. Look your best at every pool party and beach trip with this list of 2020 summer accessory trends.


  1. HeadbandsFrom clothing to accessories, the headband is one of this season’s most-loved trends. The delicate, lightweight fabric is prime summer material. If you prefer lace on a smaller scale, you’ll love accessories such as lace headbands. Use one to add a feminine touch to a messy bun, which will help you stay cool in the summer sun.


    1. Friendship Bracelets

This season, friendship bracelets have left the summer camps, ready to adorn your wrist. Wear one by itself, or wear several for an eye-catching look. Mix and match colors and shades to create an arm full of color.

  1. Tie-DyeJust like friendship bracelets, tie-dye has taken a grown-up twist for the summer. With so many possible color combinations, you’ll be sure to find something you love. Use tie-dye scarf as a headband, or wear one to add an instant splash of color on a breezy summer night.
    1. Cat Eye Sunglasses

    A good pair of sunglasses is a summer must-have. This season’s trend of cat-eye sunglasses will protect your eyes with style. These retro-glam shades are also suitable for a wider variety of facial structures. Wear them with a blazer and dark denim jeans for an interesting spin on a classic outfit.


    1. Envelope Clutches

This season, oversized clutches have been narrowed down to classy and simplistic envelope versions. Perfect to grab and go, and envelope clutches will help you carry your essentials in style. Pair one with a maxi dress and a floppy hat for an on-trend look.

  1. Coral Shadesoral has been popular for several seasons, but this summer, maybe it’s strongest yet. You’d probably agree that coral has become the “it color” of summer 2020. An amazing mix of orange and pink, coral, can instantly brighten up your outfit, even in small amounts.


    7. Multi-Finger Rings

The fashion world has given the words “brass knuckles,” a new meaning. Equal parts feminine and tough, this trend originates from ’80s hip hop culture. The modern days’ versions look great with any style and taste, however. When planning your outfit, keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum and let a multi-finger ring do the work for you.


  1. Cross-Body Bags

Bags got smaller this year and definitely more convenient. The cross-body bag was very popular, with women looking for stylish hands-free options.


  1. Stacked Bracelets

One bracelet wasn’t enough in 2020. This year it was all about stacking bracelets and throwing a party on your wrists. Take a look at some ways women wore them here.


  1. Scarves

Scarves certainly weren’t a new trend for 2020, but they continued even stronger than ever. From blanket scarves to delicate styles, women wore them with just about everything and in a variety of ways.


  1. Layered Necklaces

For years, bib necklaces were the most popular necklaces to wear. This year, we saw layered necklaces take this top position. From pre-layered styles to taking a few necklaces and layering them yourself, there was no right way to embrace this trend.

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