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Girls like rubber bands with cute ornaments, come take a look!

Meta: We can never have enough accessories. They look so cute, that you tend to end up wanting more. The changing trends and style tempt us to upgrade our collection. Today we will look at the unique rubber bands, that everyone is going crazy for.


Pearl rubber band

The first kind of trendy rubber band that makes our list is the – Pearl rubber band. Pearls are pretty, shiny, cute and adorn your hair beautifully. They go with most of the dresses or t-shirts that you wear. Not to forget, when with a good combination with flowers, they are spectacular to look at.


Star rubber band

The tiny stars or moons on your rubber band can make your hair stand out. They can add a subtle charm to your low ponytail and also give an enhanced look to an otherwise ordinary hairstyle. They are available easily, cost less but still add more value to your entire look.


Satin Bow rubber band

After the worldwide craze of k-dramas, the bow style rubber bands have become quite famous. Thanks to the female leads who root for them.

Though you cannot style them with absolutely any clothing, they still have a feminine charm to them. They are beautiful with loose hair and long gowns.


Fur rubber band

They are soft, mushy and you can’t help yourself from running your hands on them. You will love the way these rubber bands are very small and yet become so prominent when you put them on your head. Unlike the wired rubber styles, they don’t tangle the hair or create unnecessary friction.


Strawberry/fruit bands

Last but not the least, it is not a bad idea to include some delicious fruits and dishes on your head. These strawberry rubber bands are too cute to ignore. Having tiny cartoon depictions of fruits, vegetables or dishes, can add a bubbly side to your dress or outfit. Not just this, you can go for the ones with burgers, french fries or ice cream attached to them. It can be kids’ favorite too.

Most of the time, your hair bands and ties become a way of expressing your cheerful side too! Choose the hair ties that compliment your attire and make you feel comfortable.

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