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The Most Popular Colors This 2020

Meta Description: Fashionistas, get ready for the most popular colors this 2020! It’s essential to catch a glimpse of what they are to keep up-to-date with color combinations that are the trendiest this year. So read on to find out about them!


1. A Pink Glow With Coral Pink

You may already have this hue in your clothing color palette. After all, it’s a kind of pink that’s just yummy eye-candy and sweet! Coral pink is back in business with its soft hues that can be worn no matter the time of day.

Even better, it’s excellent for any skin tone and for any event. A side note? Fashion designers usually favor this with a splash of silk or glitter. So glam up with this color!

2. Never Fade With Faded Denim

We’re not only talking about denim fabric itself. What we’re talking about is that beautiful yet edgy hue of a light blue, Maya blue, or a light Bleu de France tone. It’s a wearable color that’s fresh and cool to look at.


What’s more, it can be paired with other light or dark-toned clothing, no-sweat. And if you really want to hit the streets and turn heads, match it with vibrantly hued apparel.

3. Not The Ingredient… Saffron

Remember when mustard yellow was all the rage? This time, saffron dominates the yellow color scheme. This bright yellow hue with a warm orang-yellow tone will instantly brighten not only your day but also your overall ensemble.

It may not be a “common” shade. Yet then again, why go for “average”? Be bold and rule the streets as you stroll in this positively vivid saffron-yellow.

4. Fiery Scarlet

Flame scarlet red always has a strikingly fierce and sexy appeal, whether it’s worn in an evening event or in a day-to-day casual getup. A pop of this baby on your outfit and you’ll definitely be making an explosive fashion statement.


Don this energetic and alluring color for a catwalk-worthy stride.


5. As Green As Biscay Green

Many haven’t heard of this shade of green but don’t fear its novelty. Biscay green is a cross between mint, seafoam, and parakeet. Only, much more on the mintier side. Which is why it looks amazingly breezy.


This aqua shade is a perfect match with pinks, as well as other pastel shades.

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