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Wear macaron color super-premium in spring!

It is an instant relief to indulge yourself in some sweetness in life. Nothing can beat the taste of those colorful macarons. Just like any french kid, you will fall in love with them too. Just like those macarons are going to add the sweet touch to your mouth, they can also improve the way you look! Yes! A macaron inspired spring collection rolled in and the fashion girls are behind it for all the good reasons. The models walked down the ramp wearing clothes of diverse nature.

The frilly yellow gown is a hit if you want to wear it to the Spring dance, How can you not like the trendy touch to the otherwise formal jacket and skirt? The metallic blue shines bright in the crown. The pink will give you the modern barbie feels and the metallic olive green is highlighting the look of those short pants. While these are good to look at on the ramp, here are few suggestions of what you can wear everyday.

Cherry macarons inspire this beautiful dress. Adding that feel of new leaves in the new season, the dress is a combination of cherry color and white – Just like the macaron. The asymmetrical cut at the bottom enhances the prettiness of the dress. It is simple yet remarkable.

The saffron is always vibrant if you wear it the right way. This dress has netted frills and layered cuts. The net is also designed into flowers to make the outfit spring friendly. It is easy to handle and looks pretty.

Inspired from the earl grey macarons, this dress is a hit for weddings or parties. It has a beaded design with a netted background. Unlike other clothing, this is not bodyfit and lets you be free and secure.

That’s how a chamomile macaron would look! The yellow is always a friendly color for the spring. Just like two yellow discs sandwich the white cream inside, this dress has white semi frills over a complete yellow background.

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