Travel Selfie is Too Beautiful! Learn the Five Actions When Taking Pictures

You might be wondering how travel bloggers find it easy taking beautiful selfies. Most people think that they use professional cameras, this fact is that this is only but a myth. The challenge most of you face while taking travel selfies is that you lack an appropriate way of posing while others find selfies awkward. However, with these five actions, believe it or not, you will manage to take beautiful travel selfies.

Find the Correct Lighting

When taking any photo, be it a selfie or not, lighting is an essential factor. Therefore, in case you desire to have perfect, beautiful, and admirable selfie, consider your lighting a lot, it has to the right type of lighting. For instance, most people tend to use flash on their cameras, why don’t you use soft, diffused, and natural light which is flattering. However, at times, natural lighting is not favorable to produce flattering results. Intense light may end up washing you out.

Get the Right Background


Before taking a selfie, you need to consider you background such that it does not overpower your image. You need to make sure that you maintain a balance between you and the background you intend to take a selfie of. For example, in case the type of clothe you are wearing are light-colored, then a dark background compliment well with this. Each time you take a selfie, try to pose differently and change the configuration and compositions of your photo. Evaluation of your background is necessary as it helps you decide whether it is appropriate posing in the middle or you will have to go back to the rule of thirds.

Have a Selfie Stick or Tripod


You are traveling and you need to take a selfie, do not mind to carry a selfie stick as it is okay. Do not be worried of being taken as a tourist. The fact is that you are already one. Enjoy, and with your selfie stick, take as many selfies as possible. The selfie sticks are important since they make your camera more stable, hence perfect for capturing selfies. Selfie tripods are important as they help add beauty to your photo.

Use the Self-Timer, Wireless Remote Control

The self-timer control gives you the opportunity to take remarkable self-portraits and someone may mistake it for being taken by someone else. You may also use the wireless remote control as it turns off the shutter the moment you are set. This gives you room to position yourself and pose with your favorite angle.


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