Marten Boots+ Skirt, Fashionable People Wear It Like This

Most fashionable people more so celebrities and socialites tend to pair marten boots with skirts. Several people may not b aware what Marten boots are. This is a footwear commonly called Docs that features a dubbed bouncing sole, upper shape, stitching that is yellow in color and a welted construction. Actually, Martens is a popular combat boot that gives you the opportunity to embrace your inner rebel. The welted construction it has helps offer comfort and also makes it long lasting emboldening your style.

You might be wondering why most people prefer wearing Dr Martens to other types of boots. The reasons are that, having these boots on makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed once the leather rhymes with your feet’s shape. Secondly, these shoes are long lasting as they do not easily wear out. Unlike other boots, Martens boots hardly wear out, and neither do its sole split nor crack. Thirdly, these boots make you appreciate your feet once more. The boots help heal your feet from complications like calluses, blisters, corns, bunions, ingrown nails, squished toes, and pain to name a few. Additionally, these shoes help cushion your poor beleaguered heels and also snuggling your feet balls. As a result, there will be good air circulation in your toes making you feel safe, secure, and tightly held.

Before you match your Marten boots with any skirt, you need to familiarize yourself with the kind of boots that suit you. Here are some of the tip you need to consider when selecting the right: pair of Marten boots:

  • You need to know where the boots are most likely to rub.
  • Look for at least three blister bandages and cover the part of your feet that is affected.
  • On both legs wear different pairs of socks and apply jelly on the boots to break them in.

Marten boots match well with skirts. For instance, the Grunje ripped jeans or leather miniskirts go well with the boots. You may also top up your skirt with a shirt that is unbuttoned, or a short top.

For those ladies who desire making things look more professional, then match your skirt with a lower version of Martens boots for an aggressive appearance.

Matching Martens boots with skirts also give you a romantic and feminine look. Often, it is better if you select a knee-length skirt with floral patterns.


For a sexy and admirable look, get shorter and wrapround dress often leather studded. These skirts combine well with Marten boots. You may also add a leather jacket on.

In case you want to wear your marten boots with a short skirt often in winter seasons, match the skirt with either a t-shirt, skirt, or cardigan.

As for those who desire wearing the boots with long skirts, make sure that you do not add any tights. You can compliment the skirt with either a cardigan, leather jacket or short top.


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