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How much influence does bangs have on girls?

There are many things that affect the beauty of girls. They may be makeup, they may be clothes, and they are not right to wear. However, in hairstyles, sometimes having bangs and not having bangs looks can sometimes be fatal.

Face shape determines bangs, bangs determine temperament! For some people, having a suitable bangs is very important.Of course, some people look better without leaving bangs, but leave bangs temperament discounted.So, whether you want bangs or not, it depends on your personal image.

Straight bangs

Straight bangs is definitely a good hand for age reduction. It is very cute and is recognized by everyone. Not all girls are suitable for Straight bangs. Straight bangs also has high requirements for face shape. Straight bangs is suitable for girls with long faces, and can shorten the distance on their faces to make them look more temperamental. But if your face is too wide, it will look old.

Curly bangs

This kind of curly hair bangs is also particularly popular in Japan and South Korea in recent years. Not only that, but also an upgraded version of Straight bangs. Irregular curly hair gives a playful feeling and makes the whole person exude a lovely temperament. And can cover up the shortcomings of his forehead width, especially pay attention to the color of the hair, black not only does not look good, but also appears hair oil. It is best to choose a light hair color.

Air bangs

Air bangs are really quite hot. Even most of the girls around the editor have left this bangs. Air bangs are not as picky as Straight bangs, but they will give people a refreshing feeling, and they are not as bulky as Straight bangs It feels very light and natural. Air bangs do not pick faces, if you want to change, you may wish to try from the air bangs.

Of course, bangs is not suitable for every girl. It is best to choose according to your actual situation. Don’t just look at others and imitate them, or chat with your hair stylist. Wish everyone can find their own satisfactory hairstyle!

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