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The Essence of French Dressing

Europe is rich in “models”. Europeans are tall and have large skeletons, which are like walking clothes hangers. Their outfits are even simple and casual, fashion-forward, and contain a bit of French laziness.

Grasp the “Three Rules”, so that you have the confidence to appear on the streets of the United States

①There are too many simple styles, and the clavicle/waistline/long legs are well-proportioned and beautiful

②Jeans are all-match pants, a must for manpower

③Control the overall color quantity, coordinate without losing elegance

Natural devil figure + amazing height + skinny beauty different from ordinary people

LOOK1 Kendou’s avant-garde American outfit

Clear collarbone lines + perfect waist + long legs + three-dimensional vivid facial features seem to be paving the way for her to dress. Remember this set of hot summer dressing formulas!

LOOK2 autumn simple atmosphere

A white flat-neck bottoming shirt with a white woolen coat complements the fair complexion. Europeans are extremely suitable for wearing white to modify their figure.

Off-the-shoulder lantern-sleeved short T-shirt, black with a grass green diamond pattern on a white background and light blue wide-leg jeans, a conservative yet sexy outfit. Regarding the shoes, the black short leather Martin shoes correspond to the black on the top, and the overall picture is very coordinated. The long black hair and the wheatish complexion of Kendou are perfect. Regarding the underarm bag, it is elegant and not easy to be approached.

The lower body is matched with dark blue tight-fitting cropped flared trousers, which modifies the shape of the calf and elongates the overall leg line. Finally, it is matched with white flat shoes. The white color ensures coordination from beginning to end, highlighting the mature and intellectual charm of women. This set of outfits reflects the principle of Rule 3, and the picture is always simple and atmospheric.

LOOK3 casual sexy beach style

Black is like a “magician”, it is the magic weapon for all women to lose weight. This black suspender dress is extremely cool, confirming the real American streetwear. The skirt with a slit at the tail is cool and airy. Among them, the biggest highlight of the upper body is the sexy collarbone line and slender arms, showing the heroic feeling that the sun will not hurt me one bit. The loose waistline is designed with a brown avant-garde thick belt to connect the upper and lower body reasonably.

LOOK4 Age-reduced and mature to explore the store and wear

Girls with slender legs can try matching short skirts with long black boots. One can modify the shape of the legs, and the other can lengthen the lines of the legs, creating a 170+ visual look in minutes.

With golden hair, there seems to be no girl who doesn’t envy her hair volume.

The black loose twist T-shirt meets the irregular line art short skirt, and the short skirt can be easily worn as a daily match. Irregular bias towards art, don’t think it is difficult to control, the upper body is matched with a simple monochrome T-shirt to change into daily wear in 1 second.

Regarding shoes, if you dislike boots that are too heavy or you are afraid of heat and stuffiness in summer, you can choose to match them with stiletto heels, which will increase your height and create a cold aura.

As long as you grasp the rules, you will fall in love with American clothes and become your life.

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