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Regarding CPB Lipstick, Which Color Do You Like?

Clé de Peau Beauté is an international beauty company, the fountain in Japan in 1982. Their main mission is to bring science into the beauty industry, developing new approaches to good-old cosmetic technologies. One of their most popular products is lipstick, which has a unique nourishing formula and long-lasting color payoff. Clé de Peau Beauté’s lipsticks are used on high-fashion shows, advertising campaigns, and also by real women like we are. So, regarding CPB’s lipstick, which of the following colors do you like the most?

The universally flattering shade called Impassioned 515, is a dark and seductive deep merlot color. Of course, it is not your everyday pick, but nothing can beat its seductiveness at night. Despite its light-absorbing, matte finish, the lipstick feels nourishing on the lips. It is all because of the Mortierella Oil, which cares for the lips’ skin while you are wearing it on your lips.

The next product by CPB isn’t your regular lipstick, even though it looks a lot like it. It is called Lip Glorifier, and it combines the properties of moisturizing lip balm and opaque lipstick. The color called Pink is a bright coral-red shade, ideal for the warm time of the year. It will not only brighten up your complexion but also emphasize the youthfulness of your skin.

Antique Rose, what a beautiful name for the faded red with a brown tint. It may become your color of choice even for official events. The finish won’t look matte, because it has a semi-gloss appeal and even tiny reflecting particles to it, that’s how this product got its name Lip luminizer.

The Argan Tree oil in the formula of this lipstick will improve the condition of your lips with every new application of the color. How do you like this vibrant rose shade called Enamoured? Its opaque formula will cover your lips from the very first swipe, but you can build it up even more. Don’t worry, the color won’t melt or crack on the lips, it will stay put all day long.

Another great formula with opaque coverage — the radiant liquid lip rouge. It is like a super long-lasting and super pigmented lipgloss, that doesn’t “slide” off of your lips. The color we are talking about is sweetly called Nectar. It is described as bright pink but looks more like a medium, matte berry pink, which is ideal for casual wear.

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