Inside the “huge, fabulous, amazing” costumes and a set of “crazy rich Asians”

The clothing and production designer transformed a container ship into a superyacht, shopping in Singapore, and borrowing the jewels of Bulgari and Chopard to bring the character’s billionaire lifestyle – from the quality of the tropical family aesthetics of the Young Family Museum to the money The new -money tribe’s gold-plated flash – onto the screen.
Crazy rich Asians show off party, car, fashion and food porn is an extension even with studio budget. Apparel and production designers must creatively bring the character’s billionaire lifestyle to the screen, from the ancient tropical aesthetics of the old Young Family Museum to the gilded flash of the new money tribe. “These details appeal to you and make you fall in love with this place and people, not just a group of Chinese in Singapore,” said director Jon M. Chu, a visually pleasing film from bubble dresses to homemade ones. Dumplings, synchronized swimmers with lanterns handwritten calligraphy with love poems.

Production designer Nelson Coates said: “This is probably the first Hollywood movie featuring Peranakan, which is a strict Strait World Chinese decorative style,” and notes the dark wood inlaid with the mother-of-pearl and the Young family. Marble decoration. A mix of home, China, Holland and British colonial influences.

The frustrating Singapore location includes the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands Sky Garden (“It takes nine months to get government approval to close it for filming”, Chu said) and the Marina Garden Nature Park, where the wedding takes place. “We designed the branches of the beautiful yard with LED butterflies and fireflies on both ends,” Coates said. “When the bride walks through the aisle, people pull them out of the grass and wave them to make it look like a complete fairyland. I hope this will resonate with people, something they have never seen before.”

Other suits must be built. For the bachelor party at Chris Pang, they remodeled a container ship instead of renting a superyacht. “Every time we fly to Singapore, we see hundreds of them,” says production designer Nielsen Coates.

Fashion designer Mary E. Vogt said: “I spent most of my budget on Gemma [Chan who plays Astrid’s heiress, because she is such a fashionista” and pointed out that shopping in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (its production I took five of them for eight weeks. It was already a movie: “I saw a baby shower at the Dior boutique, 15 of which were dressed in pink and pink. All gifts and food were peach and pink. .”

For Astrid’s jewelry store, Coates has done at the Astor Bar at the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur: “We took out the cocktail table and the wine cellar, and the shelves and glass cabinets looked like the most gorgeous custom jewelry store.”

Vogt was lucky to store jewellery worth $2.5 million. The local unit production manager is the son of the designer of the Swiss-Emirati jewellery brand Mouawad, which lends a few pieces, including Astrid’s unique flower earrings. Chen Shui-bian praised the gems of “the balance of aesthetics, drama and character shaping” of the film: “They brought seven guards, which is more expensive than my apartment in London.”

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