Wheelchair patients are equipped with Halloween costumes for superheroes

Wheelchair patients are equipped with Halloween costumes for superheroes

On Wednesday, 28 wheelchair patients from Shriners Hospital are preparing for Halloween.

Dawn Wright, director of marketing and communications at Shriners Children’s Hospital, said: “We think the Halloween tradition is taken for granted, such as door-to-door tricks or treatments, which are really difficult for wheelchair kids.” “For example, they can’t drive the porch.” The steps, so they have a very cool outfit, people want to look at the door, really bring them to Halloween and help them get a better experience.”

“I have always been Superman, Batman; now I will be Spider-Man,” says Shines Rojas, who is patient with Shiners.

Wright said that the hospital has had three years of custody clothing clinics, managed by hospital staff and volunteers.

“What’s really cool is that we can do anything that the child thinks,” Wright said. “So what we have to do today is from astronauts and the moon to fighter pilots and planes.”

Britton Dailey is becoming a bus driver because his mother says he likes to take the bus. The FOX 13 children say they are happy to be able to fully satisfy the Halloween they want without any restrictions.

“I’ve been looking around, and when I saw their wheelchairs, I saw everyone smiling. Even though I didn’t know what they had, I only knew they were happy,” Shriners said patiently Kongaika.

Regardless of which clothing they choose, most children have a common goal.

“My favorite part is getting candy,” Rojas said. His favorite candy? “all.”

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