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Feelingirldress Boutique Skirts


At feelingirldress, we understand the importance of looking and feeling beautiful daily. That is why we strive to bring you the very best in boutique fashion. We have a vast selection of stylish and trendy skirts that will wow you. From mini, midi, maxi, to flowy skirts. Below is a style guide outline to help you choose your new favorite look.

Fit and Size

With styles that will elevate your fashion game, pick flowy plus-sized maxi skirts, short denim style, or a knee-length pencil skirt. Our skirts can be used on all occasions. They are fit according to size. All you need to do is to ensure you get the right size for the right event.

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Stylish Skirts

Feelingirldress helps you to show off your legs in our stylish skirts. Our long skirts with thigh-high slits, midi skirts with pleats, maxi skirts in fitted sizes, skirt suits for boss babes, and mini skirts for dancing got you covered for every outfit. Why not create a simple yet stylish outfit with our kinds of skirts.


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Designs and Styles

Our skirt collection helps you express yourself. We have the latest designs and styles that will keep you on-trend. Mainly if you go with a denim skirt, there will be no end to styles and designs you have access to because there are those with rhinestones, colorful graphics, and a faded look that is now so famous.



Skirts are perfect for mixing and matching with printed blouses. They can easily be adapted to virtually any occasion. For the concert, work, shopping, to a night date, or wedding, you should always have a go-to-skirt in your wardrobe repertoire.

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After exploring the various skirts, don’t forget to check out the skirt feature that best suits your body type. Be it button-down, pocket, tie waist, zipper, or elastic, find a skirt that fits you and brings out your mini dresses

Finally, the striking thing about skirts is that they can be worn all year long no matter the season. The very skirt you wore in spring can be worn at the beginning of winter. Skirts add a feminine flair and modern style to your closet. Shop at feelingirldress for your trendy skirt and be ready to rock the same look you saw on the runway.

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