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Discover The Best Hand Creams and Skin Care Products by L’Occitane

Discover the best hand creams and skin care products by L’Occitane

Today I will introduce to you several classic series of L’Occitane body care, mainly including common products such as shower gel, body lotion and hand cream. Because L’Occitane often does activities, discounts, gift packages and other items, so I will share with you my current experiences and feelings. An article teaches you to quickly find out L’Occitane.

Cherry Blossom Series

My favorite series, if you want to give someone a gift and don’t know what to buy, please look for it! Every product in it can’t go wrong. It is moderately moisturizing, non-sticky and non-greasy, with a sweet floral fragrance. Both the feeling of use and the aroma are zero negative reviews.

  • Hand cream

My favorite hand cream. I usually apply it before going to bed at night, and the light fragrance accompanies me to sleep. It is suitable for carrying with you when you go out, and it is “natural perfume” when applied.

  • Cherry Blossom Bath& Shower Gel

L’Occitane shower gel, cherry essence from Provence. Texture: pale pink gel, fresh and elegant cherry blossom fragrance is very charming.

Feelings of use: The taste of this product is not as “scented” as body lotion and hand cream. It produces fine and rich bubbles after contact with water. The cleaning power is medium, and it will not be tight after washing. It will work better with the same series of body lotions.

  • Cherry Blossom Shimmered Lotion

This L’Occitane cherry blossom body lotion recently applied it to sleep every night before going to bed. It makes people have a breath of spring. It’s really a kind of enjoyment. Texture: It is worth mentioning that this body lotion contains a sparkling powdery substance called mica powder, which adds glamorous brilliance to the skin, glycerin locks moisture in the skin, and shea butter brings protection and nourishment effects

Feeling of use: moderate moisture, good ductility, easy to push, high fragrance acceptability. I like to apply it before bed in spring evening.

Verbena series

This series is also my personal favorite, it is super suitable for summer. It is the fresh lemon citrus flavor, like a summer breeze. The texture is the thinnest among all L’Occitane series, and it is of the watery type. Low moisturizing, high ductility, easy to push away, pat lightly after evenly spreading, especially good for absorption.

  • Hand cream

The moisture is not very strong, with its fresh and elegant lemon flavor. Especially refreshing. It is cool and pleasant after application, suitable for summer.

  • Shower Gel

The texture is light green and flowing liquid, not irritating after washing. Suitable for summer use, especially after exercise and refreshed after taking a bath.

  • Body lotion

This body lotion is not as moisturizing and clear as hand cream, it still has more moisture. Midsummer night is best for this light aroma. It is not sticky and easy to push, and the fragrance is impeccable.

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