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Brown Scarf Suitable for Winter

There’s a reason the fashion public loves the cool winter days beyond designer boots and stylish coats, it’s in cooler climates that fashion really shows us how much fun it is to play with. Why do I get this question so often? It’s because, during the colder months, everything revolves around layers, meaning playing with the perfect proportions and layers to get a look that’s much more interesting than just putting on a sundress.

On the other hand, gone are the days when it was considered legal to leave the house wearing as little as possible at -2 degrees temps. Dressing up in winter is all about getting as cozy as you would be in your pajamas under the covers, which makes us very happy, not least considering we’re all starting to miss those endless days spent watching Netflix in bed.

For example, scarves are the ultimate winter accessory and elevate any look in seconds. That’s because they not only help keep you comfortable when the temperature drops, but they also come in a variety of shades and prints that you can match any outfit. On the other hand, did you know that there are different types of scarves to serve different purposes?

Furthermore, the scarves are fluffy, cozy, and make the perfect accessory for the cold. They can also be used to keep you warm, but also to add some color and fun to an outfit. Why not wear a suitable brown scarf this coming winter.

There are so many types of scarves, which is probably why having a closet full of them can be a good idea if you don’t do without a good accessory in winter. For example, to stay warm, bet on warmer styles like cashmere, wool, knits and keep the lighter styles: silk, chiffon, cotton for fall and even spring.

See some models, types, and shapes to use without too much effort in whatever overlay or look you’re using.

Women’s plaid scarf

This plaid-print scarf model comes in the size of a blanket for wrapping, twisting, and cozy draping. The color is wild and works for any sober look.

Rib-knit scarf

This plush mesh scarf with ribs and fringed ends is cozy and extra long so you can use it to the best of your ability. Plus, it’s so soft that it makes travel perfect and essential.

Oversized checkered wool scarf with fringes

This soft and cozy flannel scarf rests snugly over your shoulders or wraps around your neck multiple times and in a shade of brown, it’s the perfect match for a neutral work or plays look.

Woven scarf with fringe

The soft and airy weave of this scarf with wide fringes makes it even cozier. Especially for those days when we look to wear as little clothing as possible.

leopard print scarf

Lightweight and super soft, this leopard print draped scarf can be an alternative for you to go between brown and beige tones and will keep you looking cool and cozy.

Blanket scarf with textured glazing

Super-soft and cozy, this large window-pane scarf is big enough to be worn as a shawl (making it a favorite indoors and out).

Bean wool checkered scarf

The perfect complement is here and it works for so many outfits, not least because this oversized plaid scarf covers your shoulders or you can wrap it around your neck as securely as possible.

Houndstooth Twill Scarf

Used as a scarf or a wrap, this piece has a mix of houndstooth patterns that will instantly refresh your look.

Large-pointed scarf plaid blanket

Winter scarves need to be soft, that’s because you’ll spend hours wearing them. The medium-weight ones are perfect for transporting you during the fall and winter.

Now it’s easy to choose a model that is not just a pattern but seeks inspiration that meets your style regardless of the moment you are living and the occasion you will need to go.

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