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5 Hairstyles for Round Faces

You are one of the lucky ones if you happen to have a round face. This is the kind of face that has a charm irrespective of what you wear and how you style yourself. Of course, the effect is magnified when you take proper care of yourself. When it comes to hairstyles, round-faced omen should opt for some specific hairstyles to bring out their beauty. Though the other styles still look cool on them, the sparkling look that draws attention requires you to make wise choices. Here are a few styles for you –

Knot up with bangs

One of the cutest looks that round-faced girls can go for is the high bun with bangs. This way you can cover your wide forehead and also the bun is an easier and quicker hairdo compared to the other complicated braids. This will suit your formal and informal looks alike.

Waves with side partition

Waves are a personal favorite for women who have a round face. These flow lavishly on either side of the face and enhance the overall look. If you are bored of the center partition, then a side partition will add more beauty to your round features.

Asymmetrical bob

If you like to keep your hair short, then an asymmetrical bob with straight hair is a classic option for round face. This hairdo will define and highlight your features better and also bring out a natural charm.

Loose french braid

Braids also work well as long as you don’t push them back. This means, having a single braid at the back will bare your face to the world and it might seem too big. Instead, go for the side braids, preferably, french braids that have a strong positive influence on your features.

A high pony with a puff

Puff is a must for women with a round face if you are pulling your hair back into a ponytail. Low ponytails and pulling all your hair back without partition do not appear pleasing on a round face. That is why a high ponytail with a puff is an ideal office hairstyle and also a casual grooming choice.

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