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Several Collocations of Winter White Sweater

There are many advantages to white color. First of all, it is versatile, which makes it a great match for most of the colors of your wardrobe collection. Second, it is always in trend. You can’t go wrong by choosing white color as your to-go option. And, of course, white color can easily brighten-up even the dullest day of winter. That’s why we’ve prepared several white winter sweaters for you to wear this winter. Enjoy these styles, and don’t forget to make your choice.

For starters, check out this timeless, knitted-sweater. It is not pure white, but beautiful, ivory shaded, which makes it even easier to match it with other muted colors. How do you like this soft combination of ivory sweater and light, olive pants?

The next white sweater is a little bit more extravagant, so it is not an everyday attire. The cut-out parts on the shoulders reveal the beauty of the skin, while the high neck hides it from the cold weather. Isn’t it fantastic?

Oversized clothes always mean comfort, warmth, and coziness. This turtleneck tunic-sweater comes in two different colors: ivory, and oatmeal. Both of them will make an awesome company for your favorite jeans and skirts this winter season.

Do you remember the flare sleeves trend? If you remember, and you adore it, then the next white sweater was made for you. The whiteness of the sweater contrasting with nude elements: collar and cuffs.

If you love wearing high-waist jeans and skirts, then you have to get yourself at least one crop sweater. This white, fuzzy sweater is so soft to touch, adorable to look at, and very easy to style. We especially love the faux button-up design decision.

This Voyage Crop Sweater takes the flared sleeves trend to the whole next level. The v-neck and the cropped design emphasize the beauty of your curves, while the cut-out back part makes this sweater a part of boho style. Try combining this sweater with a few colorful accessories and flared jeans.

Knit sweaters are fantastic, but when it comes to a casual hangout with friends or a nighttime Netflix view with your family, then sweatshirt has no rivals. The clean, simple look will be accomplished with a pair of yoga pants and your favorite white sneakers.

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